Protecting critical infrastructure

CLIENT: Ausgrid
PROJECT TYPE: Mutli-layered security system

About this Project

These high-end government utilities approached HRC security for advice and ideas to secure two high-risk critical infrastructure sites. The sites already had a basic perimeter system in place however, due to a change in site usage the client had to substantially increase the level of security. The client now needed a mutli-layed security approach to protect their site.

HRC implemented a system involving multiple technologies and layers of security.

The components delivered by our team included:

  • A 2.4m high Securemax 358 anti-climb mesh fence, as a substantial visual and solid barrier,
  • Gallagher Z20 Vibration detection to detect any cutting of the mesh,
  • Gallagher 7 wire Z10 Taut wire system above the fence, as a detection device for climbing,
  • We also enhanced the Taut wire system with the Gallagher Pulse alarmed electric fence. This ensured that there was inbuilt redundancy in case of a system failure.
  • Each of the electric fencing and vibration zones on the perimeter is also monitored with CCTV which automatically reports back to the control room upon activation.

The client now has a high level of confidence that their critical infrastructure asset is fully protected to the highest level of security.

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