Welcome to HRC Security

    HRC Security specialises in turnkey integrated security solutions concentrating on the perimeter, then working inwards. We protect your entire property from your boundary while 99% of other security providers work their way from the building out, ignoring the perimeter. At HRC Security, we believe the perimeter is the most important.

    Our approach involves developing a layered security system, based on perceived risk and budget.

    For example, layers of security may include electric security fencing, chainmesh fencing, lighting, sirens, CCTV, motion detection, etc.

    Our key objective is to ensure the protection of your perimeter from your actual boundary, ensuring that any likely intruders are detected or deterred prior to entering your premises.

    About Us

    Established in 1999 our company continues to grow and we attribute our success to having a quality staff base and exceptional back-up service for our clients.

    We design and manufacture each solution to our clients’ needs, then install and service as required.

    HRC uses the latest technology. We don’t have a major alliance with any company to sell their product and so can select the product that will give the highest level of security.

    We don’t look at the inside of the building as being the most valuable. We look at what’s outside the building as well – it’s that first and last layer before an intruder has access to your valuable stock.

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    HRC Security specialises in turnkey
    integrated security solutions

    • Electric security fencing

    • Open area detection

    • Vibration detection

    • CCTV camera


    • Access control systems

    • Early warning systems

    • Automated gates

    • Bollards




    HRC tailored security solutions are based on:

    • Perceived risk
    • Emotion
    • Budget
    • Staff security
    • Duty of care
    • Public liability
    • OH&S
    • Insurance premiums
    • Business operations