K20 Tensioners Link System

K20 Tensioner Link System

The K20 Tensioner Link System provides a reliable, efficient and consistent method of configuring Gallagher perimeter security electric fences. The Tensioner Link System hardwire moves all electrical connections to a common point on the tensioner.

Improved performance and easy installation and maintenance of the Tensioner Link System results in a lower operational cost through reduced maintenance time and expenses, minimising the risk of downtime.

Pivoting Mount Technology allows the tensioner components to easily cope with a variety of installation scenarios, such as end strains, elevation strains, corner strains and inline strains, from one set of componentry.

Reliability and Performance:

  • Outstanding system stability through patented joint design
  • High durability through high quality materials and coatings
  • Reduced issues arising from undetected installation error
  • Higher security level from uniform mounting
  • Continuous conductive path means any cutting or removal of any live element will raise an alarm
  • Fixed link positions enables uniform configuring link orientation and location, and minimises variation due to installation practices

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